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Boo! It’s almost Halloween again!

There was a chill in the air this morning and the leaves are starting to change colour, this means two things, Autumn is definitely on its way and it’s almost Halloween! Halloween miniatures are always great fun to make and I always get a bit carried away creating pumpkin themed treats!

I have very busy the past few weeks making miniatures for the Leeds Dolls House Fair which is being held at Pudsey Civic Hall on Saturday 10th October 2015. I have kept a few pieces back which I will be listing on my Etsy store later today.

This morning I put together a few #Halloween items and made a #Halloween afternoon tea-table, I made some glow in dark candles which definitely give a spooky feel to the table.

Most of these items are available to buy on my website



Autumn and Halloween

I absolutely love Autumn! As sad as it is that summer is over,  being surrounded by a blaze of autumnal colours at this time of year is amazing, all the vivid berry colours along with saffron and the many different shades of orange.

Autumn of course also brings with it Halloween which I also love, I have spent the last week working on a range of Halloween inspired miniatures. These can viewed at my Etsy store.

I am also working on a selection of Halloween Lolly pops which would be perfect to add to a bowl of miniatures sweets for any passing trick or treaters.

Keep an eye on this blog for a giveaway of lollypops when they are ready.

Miniatures sweets – newly listed!

Miniatures sweets – newly listed!

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries lately about making miniature sweets for collectors who are creating the most adorable miniature sweet shops.

 I have just listed some new items which would be perfect for a sweet shop or even just a goodies cupboard in a miniature kitchen.

Click here for details


Messy miniatures

Messy miniatures

I spent most of yesterday giving my house a much needed spring clean, there were a few moments I wanted to give up considering how bad it looked in the afternoon but thankfully it’s all done and the house looks lovely again! Only problem is I daren’t do anything in case it gets messy!

This gave me an idea for my next blog post, how easy is it to create an effective looking ‘messy’ miniature scene?:

Broken eggs are incredibly easy to make, all you need is a tiny amount of yellow clay mixed with translucent clay and some translucent liquid polymer clay. Simply mix the two hard clays together, make a tiny clay ball and then squash flat. Then cover with a small amount of translucent liquid polymer clay and bake. Liquid polymer clay is very versatile and can be used to make any liquid mess, how about adding white polymer clay and having a glass of spilt milk? Or adding brown clay and having a knocked over gravy boat? A smear of brown liquid clay on plates would also make a pile of plates look unwashed.

One idea I think I am going to attempt is an over flowing kitchen bin. Adding food packaging would be a good start and printing some miniature newspaper and then screwing it up into a ball to add bulk? Food scraps and vegetable shavings could be made from polymer clay and how about some bottles with spilt contents piled up next to the bin?

Does your house have any four legged occupants? With a little bit of brown acrylic paint you could create muddy foot prints across a kitchen or hall floor.

Happy miniaturing! 🙂

Now for something a bit unusual!

Now for something a bit unusual!.

Now for something a bit unusual!

As many of you may know as well as making dolls house miniatures I also dabble with making unusual jewellery. One item which seems to be very popular and I get asked for a lot are food inspired charms to add to bracelets. A few weekends ago I took delivery of some base charm bracelets and […]

Birthday party bags!

I’ve just spent a lovely morning creating a set of ten different children’s rings which are to be given away in party bags at a little girl’s birthday party. I don’t generally sell these on my website but they are a staple item whenever I attend craft fairs and they always prove to be very popular. It was at my last craft fair where I met this lady who was looking for ideas for children’s party bags who approached me about creating a variety of different rings.

The themes the little girl chose were as follows:  
Ladybird garden
Cinnamon swirl
Puppy dog face
Clown face
Spotty heart

I think the party packs are going to absolutely adorable as so much thought has gone into making the bags. Instead of buying items (other than my rings!) this little girls Mum has spent the time and effort actually making handmade goodies to go into the bags. Each party-goer will receive:

A handmade paper bag which the birthday girl has stamped
A handmade bracelet made from beads they’ve been collecting
A hand sewn hair scrunch  
A piece of handmade soap (made from a kit)
One of my polymer clay rings
Along with a slice of handmade birthday cakeImage

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