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52 Weeks of happy

52 Weeks of Happy – I’m a little late starting this but Helen at the the dizzy izzy blog has inspired me. The point of 52 weeks of happy is each week you post 4 photos of things which have made you happy during the week, with the sole purpose of spreading a little bit of happy. Easy peasy! Come on everyone it’s not too late to join in.

The link to Helen’s blog is below and definitely worth checking out.

So, a late starter, but starting at week 5:

  1. Had a call from the vets today, my lovely cat Baby Elvis is fine following tests.
  2. I created a bowl of fruit I’m pleased with (trust me this never happens – as much as I love fruit I cannot create from clay)
  3. No snow – the last two weekends I’ve been snowed in – lovely to see green and be able to get out of the house on a day off!
  4. My boyfriend brought me a glass of pinot noir without asking if I would like one.

untitled untitled 543544_3963027798197_96633704_n


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