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The 1st September always marks the start of a special season for me, September is when I start planning my Christmas collections and preparing for the couple of Christmas Fairs I attend. It may still be four months (or 114 days!) until the big day arrives but there is so much which inspires me about this season I can never wait to start!

Miniature food has taken a side line as I’ve had a go at making some Angel Christmas decorations today, I love Christmas angels and am always buying new ones to add my tree, so I thought…why not have a go at making my own? I made this couple of cuties to keep but am thinking about making some more to sell at the November and December craft fairs I’ve booked to do. They are a joy to make, although I’m a bit frustrated with the hands which did take a few attempts and I’m not 100% happy with. However practice does make perfect so expect to see lots of angels on my website and in my Etsy store.

It’s just a shame I have to wait the 144 days until I can get the tree out of the garage and start decorating.


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