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Cottage Loaf Tutorial

Making loaves of bread was the first thing I ever attempted when I started making miniature food. It’s one of the easiest things to make and by using everyday items you can make them look really realistic. This tutorial will teach you how to make a Cottage Loaf for display in your house, bakery or shop.

You will need:
Any brand of beige colour polymer clay
Ocre and/or a shade of brown soft pastel
A clean toothbrush (I bought a value one from Morrisons for 18p for this very purpose)
A cocktail stick
A small paintbrush


First you need a small amount of beige colour polymer clay, if you haven’t used polymer clay before you firstly need to make sure you have clean hands, then you need to knead the clay in order to warm the clay and get the right working properties.

One the clay is warm roll two balls of clay, one bigger than the other, see the pictures if unsure of sizing.


All you have to do at this point is squash one ball down on top of the other. I never worry about getting the ball on top central as the more lopsided the loaf the more homemade or rustic it looks.


Now that you’ve completed your loaf, to give it more of rustic look gently press down on the clay with the toothbrush bristles to give the loaf a textured look.


At this point I add colour to the loaf using the paintbrush (or cheap make up brush in my case) to gently brush pastel onto the loaf.


Finally use the cocktail stick to create a hole in the top of the loaf.


Your masterpiece is now ready to be baked, follow the instructions on whichever brand of polymer clay you decide to use and please be careful, polymer clay gets very hot and I’ve burnt myself on several occasions.

Voila! A handmade cottage loaf!

My top tips for using polymer clay!

Top Tips when using Polymer Clay!
Don’t wear a jumper with loose fibres, they will work their way into the clay.
Always have a clean work surface
Don’t be tempted the use nail polish to varnish your creations, in time it becomes sticky.



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