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Messy miniatures

Messy miniatures

I spent most of yesterday giving my house a much needed spring clean, there were a few moments I wanted to give up considering how bad it looked in the afternoon but thankfully it’s all done and the house looks lovely again! Only problem is I daren’t do anything in case it gets messy!

This gave me an idea for my next blog post, how easy is it to create an effective looking ‘messy’ miniature scene?:

Broken eggs are incredibly easy to make, all you need is a tiny amount of yellow clay mixed with translucent clay and some translucent liquid polymer clay. Simply mix the two hard clays together, make a tiny clay ball and then squash flat. Then cover with a small amount of translucent liquid polymer clay and bake. Liquid polymer clay is very versatile and can be used to make any liquid mess, how about adding white polymer clay and having a glass of spilt milk? Or adding brown clay and having a knocked over gravy boat? A smear of brown liquid clay on plates would also make a pile of plates look unwashed.

One idea I think I am going to attempt is an over flowing kitchen bin. Adding food packaging would be a good start and printing some miniature newspaper and then screwing it up into a ball to add bulk? Food scraps and vegetable shavings could be made from polymer clay and how about some bottles with spilt contents piled up next to the bin?

Does your house have any four legged occupants? With a little bit of brown acrylic paint you could create muddy foot prints across a kitchen or hall floor.

Happy miniaturing! 🙂


January Blues!

Charity Auction – dolls house food

I got a bit carried away today making Christmas goodies and have decided to auction some items for charity. Although I don’t generally sell on ebay, I am a big fan of ebay charity and over the next few weeks I shall be listing a few items (probably on a Sunday night) where 100% of the selling price will be donated to a chosen charity.

It’s really difficult to choose a charity as there are so many worthwhile ones and so many of them need help raising funds. I have chosen Tia Greyhound and Lurcher rescue. The reason behind my decision to support this charity is they are local to me and my family adopted Tilly, one of our family pets, from Tia.

About Tia:
Tia Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue is situated in Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire, and is an independent charity that has been dedicated to rescuing & rehoming abandoned, abused and mistreated ex-racing greyhounds & lurchers since 1997.

Links to auctions if you would like to bid: